via Instagram: Ordered a skin for my #NintendoSwitch from @decalgirl.
Surprisingly easy to apply! There were some challenging points like the #joycon-controller-middle thing (the kajigger that comes with the switch) – the lights in the middle were a bit tricky – and the safety sliders with the wrist straps (so thin!). But the joycons themselves were way easier than I expected and the screen and dock were no problemo.
A complaint I could have about it is that you have to punch out any holes in the skin – including the little squares on the middle #controller handle thingy, but those were the *most* difficulty I had with the process, and I got through it just fine. Everything fits great and really satisfies my personal “#purple #spacethetic” deal, though don’t expect to be fooled into thinking like “waow the skin looks like it’s just a natural part of the switch rather than a vinyl cover!” Cuz that’s not what it’s about folks.
All-in-all: great fit, great look, some challenging bits but overall totes worth on initial application. Only time can tell for anything else.
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